Friday, March 26, 2010

Foto Modivikasi Motor Honda Blade 110 R 2010

Foto Modivikasi Motor Honda Blade 110 cc 2010
Gambar Modivikasi Motor Honda Blade 110 R 2010
Foto Modivikasi Motor Honda Blade 110 R Baru
With this model, it is expected, Honda Blade 110R is more acceptable among young people today, because Blade motor is easier to maneuver around the corner.

Honda Blade 110R framework is the result of the new design. According to Honda, this framework is more robust and adapted to the abilities or performance of the engine more fierce than the Honda or the Honda Fit Revo.

At the front, between the seat with the handlebars, was given "cover" or close with a more "higher" than the common duck. Similar to that used on Yamaha Jupiter MX. Even on a machine called a cool cover of "Sporty F-Shield." Another addition is the protector of the machine is right next to a small iron rod bent and installed near the Footstep. Exhaust, in the color coated Muffler is designed with an oval. Honda calls it "Sporty O-Muffler." To prevent the wheels stop spinning when the chain off, Honda complete with stopper.

Grooves in the wings, too, was firm to support dynamic and aerodynamic design of these motors, even when viewed glance, from the side wings of this bike looks like a wing that is used by rivals Yamaha Jupiter MX.

Honda Blade 110R character overstroke. Engine as its main energy source SOHC engine with a capacity of 109.1 cc. Has a diameter that measures 50 x 55.6 mm x. The resulting energy reaching 8.46 PS @ 7500 rpm and torque of 0.86 kgf-m @ 5500 rpm. Thus, its performance is between the Revo and Supra 125.

Blade comes with more stomping ie, to achieve torque at 5500 rpm. The machine that carried the latest products from Honda this was also the claim will be 10-20% more efficient than the Supra X 125 which is supposedly the most efficient motor current.

Even so, according to K. Fujihara, Leader R & D Honda, Honda Blade 110R more efficient than the 5% Absolute Honda Revo. It can be obtained because the Honda engine Blade is a new generation of Honda. This engine friction some of its components lower than any other Honda engines.

Between the piston and rocker arm (valve trigger), the form of a cylinder yanng "off-set", the piston with oil semportan reversed, lighter weight and anti-scratch. With such development, other than fuel consumption more efficient, Honda claims this engine environmentally friendly Blade or meet Euro-2 standards.
BLADE HONDA 110R Specifications


Length 1855 mm
Width 709 mm
Height 1071 mm
Axle distance of 1221 mm
Lowest distance to the surface of the road 147 mm
Weight 96.8 kg

Back framework of bone
Front Suspension Teleskopik
Rear swing arm, dual shock absorbers
Front tires 70/90-17M/C 38P
80/90-17 Rear M/C44P
Front brake discs
Rear drum
3.7 liter tank capacity

Type 4 steps, SOHC
Capacity of 109.1 cc
Air Cooler
Diameter x measures 50 x 55.6 mm
Comparison of compression 9.0: 1
Power max. 8.46 @ 7500 PS
Torque max. 0.86 kgf-m@5.500 rpm
4-speed transmission, centrifugal clutch
Starter electric starter and foot
MF 12-33,5 Ah batteries
CDI Ignition System
Busi ND U20EPR9S

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